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Tragedy on the Streets of Hollywood

Early this morning tragedy struck a local family, when they received a phone call from the Hollywood Police Station to come confirm the body of their son. The young man died at the age of 22 in a horrible accident that police believe was due to drinking and driving. Police were called to a busy street alongside a popular club and they were even shocked by how horrific the accident looked. The young man was said to be driving northbound on Sunset Blvd on his way home from a night out, when a drunk driver driving the southbound on the same street lost control and hit the victim head on. Both cars were mangled with each other and both drivers were pronounced dead at the scene. The horrific accident was caught on security camera and the parents commented that they could barely watch knowing that their son’s life would end by the end of the tape. Police are urging the public to use this accident as a reminder of how horrific and dangerous drinking while under the influence is. Police are saying that thanks to new services like Uber, there is no need or excuse for anyone to be driving their car if they have had any alcoholic beverages.

hollywood tragedy

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