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hollywood ca

The great city of Hollywood is well known for its famous residents and of course all of the movies that the city has appeared in. The city rests right alongside Downtown Los Angeles and has as much nightlife, if not more.


The nightlife in the city of Hollywood keeps the residents of the Hollywood busy seven days a week and ensures that you will never have a dull moment in the city. The most famous part of the city is the huge sign on the mountainside claiming the name of the city that can be seen for miles and miles.


The city itself gives you the feeling of superiority and the merchants in the city know how to make you feel like you live in luxury. This city is definitely a place to add to your list of cities to visit in your lifetime because of all of the great things that the city is known for. And who knows, you may run into some of your favorite celebrities walking down the streets of Hollywood.


Thanks to all of its fame, the city of Hollywood is always active and lively, which can make the city more dangerous. However, the Hollywood Police Department has done an amazing job at keeping the city as safe as can be.


The men and women of the police department constantly patrol the city streets to make sure that the residents of the city are safe and to find any potential dangers that can be prevented.

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